Love kills

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Love hurts.

When I feel the irregular beating of our hearts,

it has nothing to do with him... or her, too.

The main door is closed from out there

and one thing more to remember and adore

is that he has come to the very last part of my shore.




I will talk,

I will take you to the past.

The test that you put me to 

took me to the last.



I'm all about eating and vomitting.

it makes more room for me to fit in,

and you tried to touch that domain.

He was different,

he stood far and watched me dying

and said nothing.



Now, here's another story about the other one.

The one once I loved was a girl that I can't tell anyone.

No, those are another lies,

because anybody can see the fact through my eyes.

While I was putting out the cigarette on my wrist,

she was drunk, dancing by my side.

She left me at the corner,

but it was her indifference that I loved. 

And it was also the same clothes that I wore

on the day when she and her girlfriend were nude.




I will talk.

I will take you to the last deal.

At the last minute I was mending my wounds to heal,

you put all the fear, all the fire, and all the scars that kill

my already broken-down will.



                                                                                    by GomGomLover, April 1st, 2002








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