wenek Lucia?

2015. 5. 20. 07:53 from 아랍의 꽃저녁

"all I need is a glass of wine to love you and to see the world,

and you need all those mysteries and colors just to see me and to fall in love with the world?

I will be gone but my first child will not be without her father

and she will finally bury me in the proper place.

until then, I will not go and I will not return."

said Lucia.

long ago.

and what happened to her great great great granddaughter of her first child, me, the one who cannot even understand her words?

the only thing I truly know is that something she wanted to say is there inside of me, sleeping and waiting.

so what if the history doesn't allow anything to reveal those words again, never again?

I decided not to take the burden all alone. that is the only reasonable thing I can understand.

where are you and your words Lucia, if I am those words then why Im still as light as a feather and floating above the water?


her first child, my great great great grandmother, failed to bury Lucia anywhere, since she left abroad by force never to come back.

all the revolutions, wars, changes, and people failed to stop repeating themselves.

and what about me?

Im even more vulnerable than any other.


and I know that like me, everyone else has the same story.


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